Botanic Name Botanic Name Dimension H X W Description Nutritional Advantage
Mashua Tropaeolum tuberousum ‘Yurac-añu’ previously Ken Astlet 12ft x 4 ft vine One of the signature “Lost Crops of the Incas,” this is the fourth most important root crop of the high Andes in Peru. This sprawling, vine-like nasturtium produces abundant pale yellow tubers which have a radish-like spiciness when raw, but mellow to a unique floral sweetness when steamed or baked. Its leaves and flowers are tasty in salads, and the crimson flowers are a great hummingbird attractant in November. The plant thrives in fertile, moist soil but will tolerate marginal conditions. 8% carbohydrate and 14-16% protein. !00 gm of these roots contains approximately 480 mg Vitamin C and 9 µg ß-carotene.