Botanic Name Botanic Name Dimension H X W Description Nutritional Advantage
Yacon Smallianthus sonchifolius “Sweet Crisp” 5ft x 4ft Clusters of knobby propagative tubers and large yam-like storage tubers. Fuzzy annual leaves and stems to 4′+ topped with yellow daisy-like flowers. A multi-use plant traditionally grown throughout the Andes, it has been introduced to Central America and is popular in New Zealand. The large storage tubers have a delicious juicy sweet taste, somewhat like a cross between jicama and watermelon. In the Andes it is thought of more as a fruit than a vegetable. The young vegetative growth is cooked similar to celery. The tubers are rich in fructooligosaccharides and are considered a prebiotic; that is, they feed the healthy bacteria in the gut which improves overall health. The leaves are used as a tea for diabetes. A molasses like syrup made from the roots is becoming popular as a beneficial sweetener. Easy to grow, prefers sun and a rich soil. Lots of fiber, mostly carbohydrates. 1oz 90 cal with 1 g protein.