Okinawa Spinach

Botanic Name Botanic Name Dimension H X W Description Nutritional Advantage
Okinawa Spinach Gynura crepioides 8″ x 20″ Two plants in one. An ornamental groundcover and a delicious vegetable. Leaves are great fresh. Added to a salad they have a spicy lemon pepper taste. Or cooked as stir fry, etc. Leaves can be anywhere from 1 1/2 – 3 inches long and are shiny dark green on top and iridescent purple underneath. While not a true spinach, it is very interesting substitute that- unlike spinach, tolerates hot weather. A tough sub-tropical plant that is considered a “tender perennial” in that it doesn’t tolerate freezing. Nutitional information scarce. Antioxidant properties and a host of beneficial claims abound.