Scorzonera or Black Salsify

Botanic Name Botanic Name Dimension H X W Description Nutritional Advantage
Scorzonera or Black Salsify Scorzonera hispanica 12″ x 12″ The fragile black roots should be peeled after cooking to retain their flavor.The leaves can be eaten, especially the young ones after boiling. The “beards”—young, fresh and tender leaves—can also be eaten raw. The young shoots are used in the same way as asparagus.

The flowers are added to salads as a flavoring. They have an aroma reminiscent of cocoa.  The flower buds can be used too.

Its leaves are edible. Its young shoots are especially delicious and taste similar to chicory. A delight in soups and stews, or as part of a gratin dish, salsify can also be eaten cold with a little vinaigrette. It can be glazed like carrots or baby onions.
Per 100g 34 kcal, 2.6g protein, 4.9 carbohydrates, 0.4g fat, 9 g fiber.