Growing perennial vegetables

Red malabar spinachhow to grow perennial vegetables is your go-to website to learn how to garden in abundance. I, Valerie, will show you alternatives to conventional landscape plants that are both aesthetically pleasing and edible. If you’re going to water it, you might as well eat it.

Perennial vegetables are little known plants in North America, but are popular and thriving in other parts of the world. Only a handful of horticulturalists are introducing these plants to the suburban gardener and teaching the key aspects of propagating and growing these wholesome, healthy crops.

Perennial vegetables can be classified as edible plants that will last three or more years. There is significant diversity in perennial vegetables with some plants being edible year round while others have seasonal crops. This site will guide you on what to expect for your efforts.

Along with learning how to grow perennial vegetables, I will show you how to plan your garden, to care for and enrich your soil, and deal with pests without chemicals. Together we are going to create an urban oasis that maximizes space and optimizes food output.